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Textfeld: Patient records are clearly arranged and customized to your demands
Integrated interfaces for standardized document exchange

Patient records:

Textfeld: Flexible scheduling & appointment management
Several medical devices can be connected with UNIMED

Scheduling & interfaces:

Textfeld: Details...
Textfeld: e.g.: 
Endoscope integration into the patient record


Unimed    Rosenstein Seidl Wittek

Practice Management Software

CCS Rosenstein

Arndtgasse 15

2700  Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Impressum / Contact us:

Tel:  +43 2622 84 83 10

Hotline:   0800 24 04 44


Textfeld: The whole patient record available at a finger tip
Textfeld: Details...

· Diagnostic findings are created in an instant

· Individual templates are applicable to all kind of documents

Document management:

· Electronic Accounting with interfaces to insurance companies

· Extended statistics give a comprehensive overview

Statistics & Accounting:

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Textfeld: Individually designed documents
Textfeld: Details...
Textfeld: Invoicing, accounting and statistics are easily retrievable

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